Fossils & Fossil Hunting

Finding fossils is a great thrill, to crack open a rock and see the remains of an extinct creature that last saw the lights of day millions of years ago is amazing. The collection of fossils is not allowed in some of the areas we visit, but in other areas it allowed and we visit a mix of these sites.

The following trips feature fossils and fossil hunting:


Volcanoes & Famous Fossil Sites - we visit three different quarries where we spend time looking for our own fossils: (i) A quarry in the Hunsrück Slate Lagerstätte looking for Devonian fossils (ii) A quarry in the Holzmaden Lagerstätte  looking for Jurassic fossils  (iii) A quarry in the Solnhofen Limestone Lagerstätte also looking for Jurassic fossils in the area Archaeopteryx was found.


The Trilobite's Sahara Kingdom - The trip is all about fossils and it is possible to see Cambrian, Ordovician and Devonian trilobites as well as a whole host of other fauna. We also visit the Cretaceous Kem Kem beds that have yielded a large amount of dinosaur fossils.


A Geological Safari -  We visit the discovery site of the world's oldest shelly fossils. These fossils are called Namacalathus,


Ocean Crust and Mountains of Mantle - fossil coral and Megalodont shells can be seen on this trip.

South Africa

(Future tour still under development) Gold, Diamonds and Mammal-like Reptiles - at Karoo National Park and Kitching Fossil Exploration Centre we an see Mammal-like reptiles still embedded in the rocks. At Golden Gate Highlands National Park we will join a guided tour with a local dinosaur expert.

southern BRITAIN

 Jurassic Coast, Wales & the Complete Geological Timescale - We spend time fossil hunting on the beach at Lyme Regis in the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and at the Gilwern Hill Trilobite Quarry (Ordovician) in Wales.


Yellowstone, Dinosaurs and Grand Canyon - We spend time a fossil collecting quarry in the Green River Formation looking for fish.

Gilwern Hill trilobite quarry - Wales
Moschops was a therapsid, Karoo National Park - South Africa
By flowcomm - MoschopsUploaded by FunkMonk, CC BY 2.0,
James Cresswell and a previous customers examining their finds in Morocco.
A fossil fish from the Green River Formation - USA