POLAR Expedition Cruising

We offer a large number of Polar Expedition Cruises in both the Arctic (Svalbard and Greenland) and the Antarctic (Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands). Additionally we have a voyage that visits Antarctica and the South Atlantic islands of South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, St Helena, Ascension Island and Cape Verde. The Polar Regions are amongst the best geotourism destinations on the planet. The cold temperatures and glaciated landscapes leave the rocks beautifully exposed, so it is possible to see exactly what is going on. The glaciers, icebergs and sea ice are also amazing geological phenomena. This is all coupled with amazing wildlife and historic stories of exploration. 

Our Polar Expedition Cruises take place on small vessels carrying just over 100 passengers. Each voyage has an expert team of naturalists on-board which normally include a geologist, a marine biologist, an ornithologist and a historian. GeoWorld Travel's Director James Cresswell has previously guided on all these trips and is very well qualified to advise you on which trip is best for you and exactly what is involved on each trip.

Voyages in the Arctic

Voyages in the Antarctic and South Atlantic

Why Book a Polar Cruise with GeoWorld Travel?

GeoWorld Travel's Director James Cresswell has guided on over 50 trips to Antarctica, including the Ross Sea, and 50 trips to the Arctic, including the North Pole. He is therefore well qualified to explain every detail of the trips on offer and can personally help you choose the trip which best suits your requirements.