Welsh Dinosaur Day Trip

Lavernock Point, Scenery Explained Wales day tours

Lavernock Point for ammonites

Dinosaur footprints, Scenery Explained Wales day tours

Dinosaur footprints

Lavernock Point - which is the most southerly location in Wales. Here the Triassic and Jurassic boundary can be seen as well as ammonites in the wave-cut platform. It is also the discovery site of the Welsh dinosaur found in 2015.

Dinosaur footprints - then we visit a location near to Sully where the best preserved Triassic dinosaur trackway in Europe can be seen.

Barry Island -we then head to Barry island and observe fossil corals in Carboniferous limestone and a site where Triassic rock over lie the Carboniferous rocks.

The order of locations visited on this tour will depend on tide times.