James Cresswell

GeoWorld Travel offers geotourism holidays to the world's most interesting geosites, either by small group road trips, day tours or, for the polar regions, by expedition cruise ship. Most trips are led by GeoWorld Travel's founder James Cresswell. On a GeoWorld Travel holiday the landscape is explained in an accessible way, and while the rocks,  volcanoesfossils and glaciers are the star attractions of the trips, there will also be stunning scenery accompanied by incredible wildlife and fascinating human stories. Many of our trips visit National Parks, Geoparks and World Heritage Sites. No prior geological knowledge is required on these trips, and they will appeal to everyone from beginners to experts alike. 


Featured Destinations



Antarctic + Arctic
Multiple trips and departure dates
Tristan da Cunha
Atlantic Odyssey
26 March - 22 April 2017
Jurassic Coast and Cornish tin mines
 6-13 April 2017
3-13 May 2018
The Birth of Geology
18-25 May 2017
1-7 June 2018
Mid Atlantic Volcanoes
2-8 June 2017
25 June -3 July 2018
Active Volcanoes in the Land of the Russian Bear
10-27 July 2017
28 July - 13 August 2017
The Vulcanologist's Dream
4-11 September 2017
3-10 September 2018
The Classic Volcanoes
15-26 November 2017
South Africa
Gold, Diamonds, and Mammal-like Reptiles
13-23 November 2017
Canary Islands
Volcanic Island Hopping
11-19 December 2017
Grand Canyon, National Parks and Tuscon Rock Show  
5-15 March 2018
 Trilobite's Sahara Kingdom
15-26 April 2018
Cambria: Land of Trilobites, Dragons and Song
17-24 May 2018
Burgess Shale, Rockies and Dinosaurs
8-9 July 2018
Archeopteryx Adventure with Volcanoes and Geoparks
20-27 September 2018
Dinosaur Trail and Yellowstone Super Volcano
15-25 October 2018
For your financial protection and in compliance with the UK 1982 Travel Package Regulations GeoWorld Travel Ltd holds all monies that must be protected  in a trust bank account until the holiday has been completed.