The Vulcanologist's Dream

Keflavik to Keflavik

Exclusive small group tour. Number of participants : 4-16

3 - 11 September 2024 *FULL* - waitlist available
9 Days/8 Nights
* * * * *
24 June - 2 July 2025 *FULL* - waitlist available
9 Days/8 Nights

Prices are per person, based on 2 people sharing a room, bed & breakfast accommodation. Single supplement applies, please make contact for details. Flights not included.
Price includes all guiding and transportation, Askja Tour, entry to Myvatn Nature Baths &Eldheimar Museum (Westman Islands)
Includes 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (with views of a third), 2 UNESCO Global Geoparks and 2  National Parks

Iceland is geologically unique - a mid-ocean spreading ridge is uplifted above the ocean surface by a mantle hotspot, all set in a sub-Arctic location. This creates a volcanic and geothermal wonderland, with thundering waterfalls draining from the largest glaciated areas in Europe. With volcanic eruptions occurring on average every four to five years, Iceland really is the vulcanologist’s dream. The GeoWorld Travel tour does a complete loop of the island taking in all the natural sites, with expert geological interpretation along the way. In addition, there are two side trips from the loop: the first to Westman Islands and the second to Askja, in Iceland’s interior.

A photography of the plate boundary at Thingvellir on the GeoWorld Travel Iceland geology trip and volcano holiday
The North American/European plate boundary in theThingvellir National Park & World Heritage Site (Day 2)
A photograph of an erupting geyser, the Strokkur Geyser, taken on the GeoWorld Travel Iceland geology trip and volcano holiday
The Strokkur geyser which is adjacent to the Great Geysir after which all the world's geysers are named (Day 2)
A photograph of a sign showing a volcano erupting in front of the location where the volcanic eruption occurred, at Vestmannaeyjar, taken on the GeoWorld Travel Iceland volcano trip and geology holiday
Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) the site of the 1973 eruption that buried part of the town under lava (Day 3)
A photograph of a distant island, Surtsey, taken on the GeoWorld Travel Iceland volcano trip and geology holiday
A view of Surtsey from the southern tip of Heimaey. Surtsey a UNESCO World Heritage Site was 'born' in 1967 when it emerged during a subsea volcanic eruption. It now lends its names to all such eruption types. (Day 3)
A photograph of waterfall pouring over a cliff of columnar basalt, Svartifoss waterfall, taken on the GeoWorld Travel geology trip and volcano holiday
Svartifoss waterfall flows over columnar basalt in the Vatnajökull National Park (Day 4)
A photograph of Fjallsarlon lagoon containing icebergs with a glacier behind, taken on a GeoWorld Travel Iceland geology holiday and scenic trip
Fjallsarlon glacier lake (Day 4)
A photograph of a group of seven people standing in front of a lagoon full of icebergs, the Jokulsarlon lagoon, taken on a GeoWorld Travel geology trip and scenic holiday
A GeoWorld Travel group at Jokulsarlon lagoon, with icebergs in the background (Day 4)
A photograph of a huge waterfall, Dettifoss, taken on a GeoWorld Travel geology holiday and volcano trip
Dettifoss waterfall is the most powerful waterfall in Europe (Day 5)
A photograph of two volcanic craters that contain lakes, Askja volcano, taken on a GeoWorld Travel geology trip and volcano holiday
Viti crater in theAskja volcano (Day 6)
A photograph of five people straddling an extension fracture on a plate boundary, taken on a GeoWorld Travel geology holiday and volcano trip
A GeoWorld Travel group straddling an extensional fracture on the North American/European plate boundary (Day 7)
A photograph of six people standing on the rim of a volcanic tuff cone, the Hverfjall tephra cone, taken on a GeoWorld Travel geology trip and volcano holiday
Inside Hverfjall tephra cone (Day 7)
A photograph of a volcanic crater with a board walk, the Grabrok volcano, taken on a GeoWorld Travel Iceland geology trip and volcano holiday
Grabrok volcano with boardwalk (Day 8)


Day 1. Arrival in Iceland. We will spend our first night in Keflavik, the location of Iceland's international airport, 22 miles west of the capital Reykjavik. Keflavik is inside the Reykjanes Geopark an area of great geological interest, which we will explore the following day.  If you want to explore Iceland under your own steam outside this tour, we recommend that you do this at the end, as the tour finishes in Reykjavik city centre.

Day 2. The Reykjanes Geopark and the Golden Circle. The first stop of our tour will be the Bridge Between Continents which spans an extension fault that is part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. We then visit Reykjanes, the place where the Mid-Atlantic Ridge rises out of the North Atlantic, and we will also see some fumeroles nearby. The next stop is Krysuvik which has hotsprings and an old sulphur mine. We leave the Reykjanes Peninsula and head inland passing Reykjavik to reach Thingvellir National Park a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge can again be seen where the North American plate is pulling apart from the European plate, and it is possible to walk inside a fissure. This is also the site of Iceland's first Parliament. We then move on to Geysir,  from which all geysirs around the world are named. This is followed by a visit to the nearby water fall of Gullfoss. The night is spent in the small town of Hella where we spend the night. The town has restaurants and a supermarket.

Day 3. Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands). Today we take an early ferry across to the island of Heimaey where we see how the 1973 eruption destroyed many buildings in the town but we will also learn how the town was saved with 6.8 billion litres of cold sea water. A highlight of the island is the Eldheimar Museum which is built over houses that were buried by the eruption and have since been excavated. The fitter members of the group can also climb to the summit of Eldfell volcano which was created in the eruption. From there, if the weather is fine, we will get views of the famous newly-born island, Surtsey which is a World Heritage Site. We will have our vehicle with us on Heimaey so we will also drive to the southern point of the island to view the geology there.  In the late afternoon we will take the ferry back to the mainland and will see the Seljalandsfoss waterfall, before driving along the southern flank of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano which famously grounded European flights when it erupted in 2010. Our hotel for the night, is close to Skogafoss waterfall.

Day 4. South Iceland & Vatnajökull National Park & World Heritage Site. Our first stop is Skogafoss waterfall. We then visit Petursey an old volcano which once erupted out of the sea just like the island of Surtsey but became joined to the mainland by subsequnt deposits of ash from nearby Katla volcano. We then visit Reynisfjara Beach, one of the best places in Iceland to see columnar basalt. We then journey on through the town of Vik and cross the Laki lava fields, learning about these eruptions, to reach  Mt Lomagnupur, the highest cliff face in Iceland. This 767m cliff has been calved out be glacial and coastal erosion and lies at the edge of the great outwash plain of the Vatnajokull icecap called Skeidararsandur. After crossing Skeidararsandur, we park at Skaftafell to visit the Vatnajökull  National Park Visitor Centre and take a short uphill hike on an easy path to the famous Svartifoss waterfall which cascades over columnar basalt. Our journey then takes us on by road around the Öraefajokull volcano which is the highest mountain in Iceland. We stop at one of its outlet glaciers to see rhyolite and obsidian. We then have a brief stop at Fjallsarlon glacier before reaching the famous Jokulsarlon Lagoon. This is the only place in Iceland where a glacier reaches the sea and little icebergs break off and can wash up on the nearby beach. We then continue past several more outlet glaciers to reach our overnight stop, the town of Hofn, which has restaurants and supermarkets.

Day 5. East Iceland and Dettifoss waterfall. Today we cover a long distance to get from the glaciated south-east to the volcanically active north-east. Our first 3 stops are at Eystrahorn where we are able to see the eroded inner workings of an old volcano including gabbro rocks that would have been the magma chamber. We then continue to a site near Berufjordur where we can view the inner workings of a rhyolitic  volcano and can walk up to an old eruptive vent. We can also visit the nearby Folaldafoss waterfall which flows over a basaltic dyke. Our drive then takes us right up the east of Iceland passing through the town of Egilsstadir to reach north-east Iceland. Our final stop of the day is the magnificent Dettifoss waterfall, which is the most powerful waterfall in Europe. We then journey on to Lake Myvatn where we will spend the next 2 nights. On arrival at Lake Myvatn we will visit the Myvatn Nature Baths, where we will have a light supper and bathe in hot volcanic waters, which many people say is better than the more famous Blue Lagoon near Keflavik. If you prefer not to bathe it is possible to rest in the cafe which has wifi. 

Day 6.  Tour to Askja volcano, Vatnajökull National Park & World Heritage Site. The tour to Askja is a real highlight of this trip. The tour takes 11-12 hours on a 4x4 bus that is capable of fording several deep rivers to reach Iceland's largest wilderness. Askja is an enormous caldera and the central volcano in the Dyngjufjöll Mountains, north of Vatnajökull glacier, which was not explored until the nineteenth century. It is near to Iceland's most recent eruptions at Holuhraun. When the volcano erupted in 1875, it spewed out approximately 2 billion cubic meters of ash and pumice, and a new caldera was formed inside the older one. In the following decades the new caldera filled with water and it now contains the 11km² Lake Öskjuvatn, which is also one of the deepest lakes in Iceland (220m). 

Day 7. Myvatn. The day is spent in the geologically active Myvatn area. Our first visit is the Krafla Volcano and the Viti (Hell) crater. We then visit We then visit the fumeroles, mud pools and mud pots at Hverir.  Next we visit more extension fissures of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the Grjótagjá Cave, before climbing the large Hverfjall tephra cone. We then walk around the Dimmuborgir lava fields which were once a lava lake but now display many fascinating towers and lava tubes, before visiting the rootless volcanic craters. After this amazingly volcanically active day we journey on to Akureyri the second city of Iceland and capital of the north where we spend our last night.

Day 8. West Iceland. Today we drive around the west of Iceland stopping at the Grabrok volcanic craters before arriving back at aKeflavik Airport hotel at the end of the day.

Day 9. Departure from Keflavik airport on international flights, or you may choose to stay longer in Iceland.

If you choose to stay in Iceland after the end of our trip, there are several interesting day tours that you could do from the Reykjavik area, including trips to the geologically interesting areas of Snaesfellness or Landmannalaugar, the Inside the Volcano tour, or you may choose to go Whale Watching.


Geological guiding from James Cresswell
Transportation from destination to destination
Hotel accommodation
Breakfast in the hotels
Ferry crossings
Entrance to the Eldheimar Museum, Westmann Islands. Ticket = ISK 2,400
Entrance to Myvatn Nature Baths. Ticket = ISK 5,500
Askja day tour = ISK 22,900


Transportation to/from your hotel to Keflavik Airport


This tour is packed with volcanoes
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A day by day account of the trip with captioned photos


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"I went on the 2022 Iceland Tour with GWT. The tour guides (Martin and James) were super knowledgeable, very friendly and approachable. I joined the group as a solo traveler and felt safe at all times. It was reassuring to know what was going on at every step of the way thanks to great communication between James, Martin and Abby; before, during, and after the trip. The explanation of the geology/significance of every site we visited is what made the trip for me. I had the fortune of travelling with a lovely group of people to such a unique and interesting part of the world! Overall my experience was fantastic and has left me wanting to go on another trip with GWT!"

Diana C., Perth, Australia
Review was posted to Google, November 2022


"The Iceland tour was my fourth adventure with GeoWorld Travel. James and Abby are quite organized and take good care of their tour guests. Our second guide, Martin, was knowledgeable about Iceland and a joy to travel with as were the other companions on this tour. Iceland is synonymous with breathtaking scenery. I was awed and humbled as I stood in the vast, ancient caldera of Askja, thrilled by the Aurora Borealis, felt an early morning earthquake of magnitude 5.2, took in the remarkable views atop cinder cones, and marveled at the heights of the caps of snow and ice and the mutlitudes of waterfalls. Special first encounters for me were the Atlantic Puffin and playful Grey seals and Atlantic Harbor seals. The tour was a good value, the people of Iceland are welcoming, and the food was very good."

Marcia M., Virginia, USA
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, September 2022


"Just finished an excellent trip to Iceland. First class in every way. Highly recommended. No criticisms"

Daniel S., London, UK
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, September 2022


"My wife and I just returned from the latest Iceland trip and it was outstanding. This is our second trip with GeoWorld, having experienced Wales with them in 2018. In spite of all the challenges that COVID offers they again exceeded expectations. James is a personable, knowledgeable and well organized trip leader. His wife Abby quickly and efficiently handles the many administrative details behind the scenes. The Icelandic itinerary was excellent. The many locations visited were super scenic and unique without the days being overwhelming or exhausting. James provides a geological narrative at whatever level is needed be it the PhD academic or the person like me who can’t tell one rock from the next. The accommodations were also excellent from upscale hotels to cozy farmhouse inns. GeoWorld offers great value and “bang for the buck.” We look forward to traveling with them again in the future."

Scott D., Arizona, USA
Review was posted to GoogleOctober 2021


"I was able to join GeoWorld Travel for a second tour, this time to Iceland during the covid pandemic, and it was wonderful. Iceland has a high level of vaccinations and is very safe and our trip leader made sure the 6 of us had what was needed. Although my geology background is very basic, James was able to impart the excitement of the formations on this very active and young land. It's a great way to learn about the power of plate tectonics, while moving about gorgeous landscapes. The diverse places where we stayed and visited encompassed most of the perimeter of Iceland, with additional visits to the Westmann Islands and into the Highlands to reach Askja Volcano. It was fun also to learn from the other participants as well, since James made all of us part of the discovery in reading the rocks. Highly recommend this trip...but book up early, it is small groups and fills up fast."

Margaret R., Texas, USA
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"I joined a seven day geological excursion to Iceland, in a group of 9. We visited many of the most interesting locations. Exciting scenery from glaciers to volcanoes. Very well organised and an excellent leader. Good accommodation. I have no reservations in recommending it to anyone with an interest in geology."

Peter D., Lancashire, UK
Review was posted to TripadvisorSeptember 2021

ICELAND (2018), NAMIBIA (2019),  AND MOROCCO (2016)

"I highly recommend GeoWorld Travel for anyone interested in geology.  They are based in Wales and owned by James Cresswell, a very experienced and widely traveled geologist.  The tours are small (4-8 people), personable and comprehensive but at a comfortable pace. Food and accommodations are reasonable I have been on 3 trips and look forward to more. The cost is one of the best values for the money."

Earl K., California, USA
Review was posted to us via email, April 2019

ICELAND - The Vulcanologists' Dream (2017) 

"James did an amazing job on our Iceland trip. He is excellent at explaining all the geologic formations we went to. He also seems genuinely concerned about everyones welfare during the entire trip."

Claudia D., Wyoming, USA
Review was posted to Facebook, October 2017