Meteors & IMPACT Craters

We are not alone in the solar system and we are regularly impacted by meteorites and asteroids, most of these are very small but some have been large and have  changed the course of geological history, such as the the asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Impact craters are not that common on Earth, compared to our moon, because plate tectonics removes them, however there are places where we can go to observe them. Several our geology tours and holidays visit impact craters. These include the Ries and Steinheim am Albuch meteor craters in Germany, the Hoba meteorite in Namibia, the Lairg crater in Scotland, the Tswaing and Vredefort craters in South Africa, and probably the best of all - Meteor Crater in Arizona, USA.

Tours that feature meteorites and craters:


Volcanoes & Famous Fossil Sites - Visits the Ries and Steinheim am Albuch Meteor Craters.


A Geological Safari - we visit the Hoba Meteorite which is the largest meteorite to have been found in the world.


The Birth of Geology - visits the site of the Lairg Meteorite and we visit a coastal site where tectites can be seen.


Gold, Diamonds and Mammal-like Reptiles - visits the Tswaing Meteor Crater and the Vredefort Meteor Impact World Heritage Site.


Yellowstone, Dinosaurs and Grand Canyon- visits  Meteor Crater, which is the best preserved example of a meteor crater in the world.

A photograph of a huge crater, a meteor impact crater, Meteor Crater in Arizona, taken on a GeoWorld Travel USA geology trip and holiday
Meteor Crater, Arizona, is one of the best preserved impact craters in the world and is visited on our USA geology holiday
A photograph of five people standing around a huge iron meteorite, the Hoba Meteorite, taken on a GeoWorld Travel Namibia geology trip and tour
A GeoWorld Travel group at the Hoba Meteorite, the largest meteorite found in the world, visited on our  Namibia geology tour.