Canyons & Gorges

Canyons and gorges are erosional features caused by water cutting down through the rock. When canyons occur in sedimentary rocks, millions or even billions of years of earth history can be observed in a single view. The Grand Canyon in the USA is probably the world's most dramatic canyon and is a geological World Heritage Site.

The Following trips feature Canyons:

England & Wales

Jurassic Coast & the Complete Geological Timescale - Cheddar Gorge, Ironbridge Gorge and Clydach Gorge are visited


The Trilobite's Sahara Kingdom - Tohdra Gorge is visited.


Ocean Crust and Mountains of Mantles - visits Wadi al Nakhr which is also known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia


Yellowstone, Dinosaurs &  Grand Canyon -  both The Grand Canyon is visited and  The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone are visited.

The Grand Canyon, geology tour GeoWorld Travel
TheGrand Canyon - USA
The Grand Canyon of Arabia, Oman geology tour, GeoWorld Travel
Wadi al Nakhr in Oman, which is also known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia