Petrified Wood

GeoWorld Travel geology tours that feature Petrified Wood that feature Petrified Wood include Namibia where Permian aged Petrified Forest is seen in Damaraland. In the USA the fabulous Petrified Forest National Park is visited, which is probably the best place to see petrified wood in the world.

Petrified Wood is seen on the following trips:


A Geological Safari - we visit the a Permian aged Petrified Forest in Damaraland.


Yellowstone, Dinosaurs and Grand Canyon -we visit Petrified Forest National Park, which is Triassic in age.

A photograph of a fossilized tree trunk, Old Faithful in Petrified Forest National Park, taken on a GeoWorld Travel USA geology trip, tour and holiday
Old Faithful tree in Petrified Forest National Park, USA