The following trips feature caves:


(Future tour still under development) Mid Atlantic Volcanoes - visits Gruta do Carvao lava tube on Sao Miguel Island, Algar do Carvão volcanic pit on Teciera Island this pit is 90 m deep and is literally the inside of a volcano!, Gruta das Torres lava tube on Pico Island.


 Volcanoes & Famous Fossil Sites - visits the Laichingen Pothole cave in the Swabian Alb Geopark.


Ocean Crust and Mountains of Mantle - visits the Al Hoota cave, the first and only showcave in Arabia.


The Birth of Geology - visits Fingal's Cave.

South Africa 

(Future tour still under development) Gold, Diamonds and Mammal-like Reptiles visits - Sterkfontein Caves in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site.

southern BRITAIN

 Jurassic Coast, Wales &  the Complete Geological Timescale - visits Gough Cave in Cheddar Gorge.


Day Trips - Porth y Ogof Cave is visited on the Fforest Fawr Geopark trip and the Heart of the Park and Waterfall Country Sightseeing Tour.

A diagram of the Algar do Carvão volcanic pit on Teciera Island, Azores. Entering the pit is literally exploring the inside of a volcano and using the staircases it is possible to descend all the way to the lake. ©Ruben JC Furtado
Your guide James Cresswell inside Fingal's Cave - Scotland