East Greenland is a truly awe-inspiring destination. There is an almost complete sedimentary succession stretching back for the last 1.5 billion years. Due to the incredible completeness of this record many of the Earth’s most important stories can be seen on this trip. On top of this the story is set in jaw-dropping scenery, with attractions including the Northern Lights, wildlife such as the polar bear, and the Inuit culture. Key geological features that can be seen on this trip include 3 billion year old basement rocks, 1,900 m high stripy cliffs formed from 900 million year old sediments (photographed in our website banner above), Devonian sandstone where the famous fossils that link the amphibians to fish were found, Mesozoic rocks that have revealed dinosaurs and ammonites, columnar basalt in the lava flows from the splitting of the Atlantic and amazing icebergs and glaciers.

Trips to Greenland are on polar expedition cruise ships. These voyages are not operated by GeoWorld Travel, instead we place people on them as a polar travel consultancy. We have our own separate website for this purpose - PolarWorld Travel, which is embedded below . GeoWorld Travel's Director James Cresswell has ten years’ experience as a polar expedition guide, he has guided on all the voyages listed below, and he uses his expert knowledge to place you on the voyage that is right for you.

A photograph of James Cresswell pointing to columnar basalt in East Greenland
James Cresswell pointing to columnar basalt in East Greenland

The North East Greenland & Spitsbergen Voyage

This voyage is geologically wondrous! By far the most geologically interesting polar expedition cruise that we offer. It was James's favourite voyage when he used to work as a polar expedition guide. For more geological information download and read James's article of the Geology of East Greenland which is all about this voyage. To read the itinerary of the voyage please click on its box on the PolarWorld Travel website below.