East Greenland is a truly awe-inspiring destination. There is an almost complete sedimentary succession stretching back for the last 1.5 billion years. Due to the incredible completeness of this record many of the Earth’s most important stories can be seen on this trip. On top of this the story is set in jaw-dropping scenery, with attractions including the Northern Lights, wildlife such as the polar bear, and the Inuit culture. Key geological features that can be seen on this trip include 3 billion year old basement rocks, 1,900 m high stripy cliffs formed from 900 million year old sediments, Devonian sandstone where the famous fossils that link the amphibians to fish were found, Mesozoic rocks that have revealed dinosaurs and ammonites, columnar basalt in the lava flows from the splitting of the Atlantic and amazing icebergs and glaciers.

Trips to Greenland are via Expedition Cruise ship and GeoWorld Travel passengers will share the ship with passengers booked through other companies. These trips are multi-focus trips in a geologically outstanding area. Most trips have an on-board geologist who will give geology and glaciology lectures. To gauge the geological content of each trip please refer to the hammer rating described below.

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Geology of East Greenland
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