A photograph of a GeoWorld Travel group in Morocco
Our group in the High Atlas, Morocco 2022


"I really loved the Geo World Fossil Morocco trip. It was better than any adventure I could have dreamed up. I loved learning from James and hearing stories as we traveled the bumpy, fun, fossil filled roads. James, you were so kind to me so very often. I know I am one to take too long, and run back almost late. You graciously kept me in sight to make sure my family got me back safe. Your thoughtfulness and care penetrated the whole trip and pulled everyone together in interest, and adventure. The whole trip was like the Moroccan dance with the beating of the drums of learning and the song of the adventurous heart. Thank You for taking us on the extra miles where we got to know the people as well as the fossils. "

Brookie S., Nevada, USA
Review sent to us by email, December 2022


"A superlative trip. Extremely well organised. There was flexibility to enable touring of Marrakesh and environs before or after the trip. We opted to seek gardens outside of the hustle and bustle of Marrakesh. Anima was especially pleasing as it was not crowded and there were no officials directing our our passage around the extensive gardens, sculpture and art. The water museum was also a good place to explore how a nation with little rainfall manages water distribution. Morocco Explorer accompanied us , navigating the Sahara expertly in 4 by 4 vehicles. The drivers were knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. Bottled water and nice lunches were provided. Their company was invaluable in helping us understand the culture and languages in Morocco. Although a majority of people we met along the journey were quite friendly, there was the opportunity for a few locals to try to exploit tourists. The drivers were able to negotiate on our behalf and engage locals in an amiable manner. They were able to provide insights to enable us to enjoy interactions in Morocco. Their humour and patience were admirable. They do other tours of Morocco and we would definitely engage their services if visiting Morocco again. James in incredibly knowledgeable about the geology of the Sahara . His talks were interesting and the enabled the group to understand the landscapes and fossils. Conversations were plentiful and often humorous. Moving around the country brought more fascinating experiences as each locality had its own characteristics . The desert sky was a revelation in itself. At one place there was traditional music and dancing.. There were different menus to be explored as well. Animals and insects hid away mainly. The entire trip was entertaining and we all embraced the many styles of accommodation. It certainly was a fascinating and memorable trip. We want to return again to further enhance our knowledge of the country and its people. Abby was admirable in assisting us with queries and facilitating the extra days we requested to further enhance our knowledge of Morocco. She was great at reminding us of deadlines, requirements and dates. Her patience was much appreciated. It was pleasurable and enlightening trip which we enjoyed thoroughly."

Roger B., Cardiff, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2022


"I went on the 2022 Iceland Tour with GWT. The tour guides (Martin and James) were super knowledgeable, very friendly and approachable. I joined the group as a solo traveler and felt safe at all times. It was reassuring to know what was going on at every step of the way thanks to great communication between James, Martin and Abby; before, during, and after the trip. The explanation of the geology/significance of every site we visited is what made the trip for me. I had the fortune of travelling with a lovely group of people to such a unique and interesting part of the world! Overall my experience was fantastic and has left me wanting to go on another trip with GWT!"

Diana C., Perth, Australia
Review was posted to Google, November 2022
A photograph of a GeoWorld Travel group at the Mývatn Nature Baths, Iceland
Our group in the Mývatn Nature Baths, Iceland 2022


"The Iceland tour was my fourth adventure with GeoWorld Travel. James and Abby are quite organized and take good care of their tour guests. Our second guide, Martin, was knowledgeable about Iceland and a joy to travel with as were the other companions on this tour. Iceland is synonymous with breathtaking scenery. I was awed and humbled as I stood in the vast, ancient caldera of Askja, thrilled by the Aurora Borealis, felt an early morning earthquake of magnitude 5.2, took in the remarkable views atop cinder cones, and marveled at the heights of the caps of snow and ice and the mutlitudes of waterfalls. Special first encounters for me were the Atlantic Puffin and playful Grey seals and Atlantic Harbor seals. The tour was a good value, the people of Iceland are welcoming, and the food was very good."

Marcia M., Virginia, USA
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, September 2022


"Just finished an excellent trip to Iceland. First class in every way. Highly recommended. No criticisms"

Daniel S., London, UK
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, September 2022

ENGLAND & WALES - Jurassic Coast  & the Complete Geologic Timescale  (2022)

"England and Wales with GeoWorld Travel -You Don't have to be a Geologist to Enjoy this trip Fantastic trip. James and Martin were great guides. As someone with no training in geology, I was worried that I would get lost during the trip discussions.. That didn't happen. At each site the discussions ranged from the simple explanations of what we were looking at and why we were looking at it ( for me and another traveler), to complex discussions for the more serious minded geologist. I learned a lot about geological time periods not only from James and Martin but also from my fellow travelers who were fun to travel with.. Additionally, I got to search for, and find fossils from the Jurassic, Silurian, and Ordovician period. The group also had a great time at some historic sites. The coal mine and the prehistoric copper mine were amazing. There was also a trip to the world's first iron bridge and different heritage sites and parks. The trip was made even better through Abby's help with reading recommendations, packing advice, return of a left behind cell phone and numerous other arrangements. I enjoyed the trip so much, I already signed up for another trip this year (Morocco)."

Deborah S., Washington DC, USA
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, September 2022
A GeoWorld Travel group at the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland
Our group at the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland 2022

Switzerland - An Alpine Adventure (2022)

"Recently travelled to Switzerland with Geoworld travel to explore the geology, brilliantly led and well organised. We saw so much and the scenery was stunning, we also went to less touristy parts of Switzerland as well. Just need to read up on all the geology we have seen."

Teresa H., Essex, UK
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, August 2022

Switzerland - An Alpine Adventure (2022)

"Fabulous 10-day trip exploring the geology of the Alps in Switzerland. The professionally led and organised tour took us to exquisite locations such as the World Heritage Sites of the Jungfraujoch, the Matterhorn area at 3900m, the Glarus Sardona world as well as the Jura mountains and Lake Geneva Lavaux landscapes. We visited underground limestone caves, stood on African continental crust, on Tethys oceanic rocks and witnessed the signs of rapidly retreating alpine glaciers. James Cresswell and Dr David Buchs as experienced geologists led us admirably to a gradual understanding and appreciation of the complex geology of this extraordinary and beautiful country."

William S., Gloucestershire, UK
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, August 2022


"Comprehensive tour of the geology of Scotland, with multiple geosites each day. Started at Siccar Point, and ended with Hutton's Section, illustrating not only the fascinating geology, but also the development of geology as a science. Traversed the progression of geologic terrains as we headed out from Edinburgh, and upon our return. This trip is suitable for all levels of interest in geology, from practicing professionals to people who want to explore the natural world. This trip ranks high in the beauty of the countryside itself, in addition to the knowledge acquired and the opportunity to discuss what we were looking at with experienced geologists."

Linda B., Arizona, USA
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, August 2022

ENGLAND & WALES - Jurassic Coast, & the Complete Geologic Timescale (2022)

"Excellent trip. I went on the England and Wales tour of the “Jurassic Coast and the complete geological timescale” trip with James and Martin as the accompanying geologists. They were excellent and gave us lots of interesting sites to see and discuss . There were 11 people on my trip , some were experienced geologists themselves, so it gave for interesting discussions and insights into the features observed. What was so impressive was the that the discussion was suitable for non-experts as well, and everyone was engaged and was able to benefit from the fascinating geology on offer. On top of that were opportunities to see some of the most beautiful parts of SW England and Wales. For me the very interesting industrial history, central to understanding the birth of the industrial revolution, were available as well. This was such a very interesting bonus for me. I had trips down mines which were fascinating in themselves. A lot of effort was put in by James to ensure that we were able to get to see lots of sites which fitted in very well with the development of the history of geology as a science . An excellent overview of development of historical stratigraphic sequences was provided. Hotel accommodation was good too. I highly recommend this trip for the intelligent traveler interested in seeing some of the most important geological sites in England and Wales with lots of World Heritage sites included as well."

Alan D., Kent, UK
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, May 2022

ENGLAND & WALES - Jurassic Coast  & the Complete Geologic Timescale  (2022)

"Jurassic Coast and the Complete Geologic Timescale tour was incredible. It was a truly informative trip through stratigraphy taking account of the industrial revolution. We shall observe landscapes in a totally different way. It was mind blowing developing an understanding of the complexity of development of stratigraphy. The areas visited all had great significance in the history of geology.Travelling to many diverse locations with other interested people made for lively discussions about geology, politics and so on.We managed to pick up some fossil rocks on the way. James and Abby Cresswell have given much thought to the itinerary and it has been truly inspiring to part of their tours for a second time. We shall be booking again"

Roger B., Cardiff, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisorMay  2022


"We recently went to Oman with GeoWorld Travel. It could not have been better. James was an excellent leader, able to pull togther a good friendly group. He had excellent knowledge of geology, applying this to the remarkable features of northern Oman. The trip could only be described as spectacular, informative, and really good fun."

David & Jenny G., Lancashire, UK
Review was posted to GoogleMay  2022
A photo of a GeoWorld Travel group in Muscat Oman
Our group in Muscat, Oman 2022


"The Oman tour was my third trip with GeoWorld Travel and as spectacular as previous tours. James arranged a nice blend of unique geologic features-from individual fossil encounters to exposures caused by massive continental and oceanic forces with cultural revelations both past and present. The coastal desert is home to a wide array of birds, reptiles, insects, plants and marine life-some that I had not previously encountered in my travels. I enjoyed the company of fellow travelers who shared an interest in the stories revealed in the rocks and of peoples of antiquity who tamed the land. Moreover, the residents of Oman are welcoming and gracious to guests to their country. A wholly satisfying experience!"

Marcia M., Virginia, USA
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, March 2022


"I really enjoyed the trip to the Canaries. James and Abby planned, organised and delivered everything brilliantly. James' geological guidance was very educational and professional - we visited many sites of geological ( and cultural) interests, listened to James' geological stories, descriptions and explanations, took a lot of pictures with stunning views, had many exciting walks/museum visits/boat and ferry journeys also examined various outcrops and took some rock samples. In the evening, we had took our time to go out and enjoy food in the local restaurant. James is a very responsible, knowledgeable and dedicated to his job. He looked after us very well, paid attention to individual needs, was very supportive and inclusive. He and Abby provided us with a great trip to the Canary Islands. Thank you both James and Abby and thanks to our group for being great mates during our volcanic trip!"

Lyudmyla B., Kent, UK
Review sent to us by email, January 2022


"The Geoworld Travel (GWT) visit to the Canaries is now the 3rd tour I have made with the company. James Cresswell is a very experienced geological guide and the trips are suitable for the complete range from professional to hobby geologists. GWT tours are very good value for money, they are well paced and the itineraries and hotel selection are spot on. James's blogs and pre tour guides are really helpful and accurate. 5 star rating (again)"

Andrew M., Warwickshire, UK
Review sent to us by email, January 2022
A photo of a GeoWorld Travel group in Oman
Our group in Oman 2021


"I had a wonderful 10-day geology tour in Oman with James and a great group of fellow travelers. We were a group of 5, plus James and Salim, our English-speaking local guide/driver. Salim was incredible friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable, help making our tour run smoothly. James is fun to travel with, lets us provide input on our travel schedule, lets us make impromptu photo stops, but keeps us on schedule. He offers inciteful explanations of the local geology in layman's terms (most of the group had limited knowledge, but a keen interest in geology). The Omani people are very friendly and enjoyable, most speak English, and the country offers up most of what we have in the states - sometimes too much. I highly recommend this trip for anyone with even a bit of geological interest. Oman has some of the most unique, and well exposed geology in the world."

Randy H., California, USA
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, December 2021


"I joined the GeoWorld (GWT) Travel trip to Oman in December 2021. This was a unique experience, focusing on the amazing geology of the region. The trip was led by James Cresswell who has deep geological knowledge of the area and was both an excellent host and guide. We covered a lot of Ophiolite related geology during the tour without feeling rushed. This is my second GWT trip and I am booked on others. GWT tours are relevant for the complete geological spectrum from professional geologists to "beginner hobbyists" and James adapts his guiding style for each member of the group depending on their experience. I can highly recommend GWT and would award them 5 stars for trip content, guide leadership and value for money."

Andrew M., Warwickshire, UK,
Review sent to us by email, December 2021


"I've just spent a fantastic 10 days in Morocco with Geoworld Travel, in the kingdom of the trilobites. The trip was fantastic. I was far from imagining how fossil rich the area is. We visited so many different fossil and mineral locations! Everywhere we stopped, I wished I had 10 more pairs of eyes to grasp it all. James is very knowledgeable with the geology of the area and so personable, it is always a pleasure going to his geology trips. Abby is fantastic at organizing the journey and making sure it all goes smoothly. Without of course forgetting our excellent driver Youcef! This is my second trip with Geoworld travel and I am looking forward to the 2 others I've already booked for the coming 2 years. Plenty more on my list!!"

Sophie G, Oxfordshire, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2021


"GeoWorld Travel provided an incredible experience in Morocco: a huge number of fascinating geological sites, and the whole time I felt completely taken care of. We were very well informed beforehand about what to expect on the journey, and we saw so much! James was a great guide to Morocco’s wealth of fossils and formations and incredibly responsive to any issues that came up. And we certainly didn’t skip the World Heritage Sites either! I loved also that we got a real feel for the country - we met artisans and miners, stopped in small towns, and sampled local cuisine (and drank endless cups of mint tea!). All in all, it felt like the trip of a lifetime…so naturally I’ve already booked another tour with GeoWorld Travel, and recommend you do the same!"

Caitlin D, Virginia, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2021
A photo of a GeoWorld Travel group riding camels in Morocco
Our group in Erg Chebbi dunes, Morocco 2021


"My wife and I just returned from the latest Iceland trip and it was outstanding. This is our second trip with GeoWorld, having experienced Wales with them in 2018. In spite of all the challenges that COVID offers they again exceeded expectations. James is a personable, knowledgeable and well organized trip leader. His wife Abby quickly and efficiently handles the many administrative details behind the scenes. The Icelandic itinerary was excellent. The many locations visited were super scenic and unique without the days being overwhelming or exhausting. James provides a geological narrative at whatever level is needed be it the PhD academic or the person like me who can’t tell one rock from the next. The accommodations were also excellent from upscale hotels to cozy farmhouse inns. GeoWorld offers great value and “bang for the buck.” We look forward to traveling with them again in the future."

Scott D., Arizona, USA
Review was posted to GoogleOctober 2021


"I was able to join GeoWorld Travel for a second tour, this time to Iceland during the covid pandemic, and it was wonderful. Iceland has a high level of vaccinations and is very safe and our trip leader made sure the 6 of us had what was needed. Although my geology background is very basic, James was able to impart the excitement of the formations on this very active and young land. It's a great way to learn about the power of plate tectonics, while moving about gorgeous landscapes. The diverse places where we stayed and visited encompassed most of the perimeter of Iceland, with additional visits to the Westmann Islands and into the Highlands to reach Askja Volcano. It was fun also to learn from the other participants as well, since James made all of us part of the discovery in reading the rocks. Highly recommend this trip...but book up early, it is small groups and fills up fast."

Margaret R., Texas, USA
Review was posted to TripadvisorSeptember 2021
A photo of a GeoWorld Travel group at Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland
Our group at Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland 2021


"I joined a seven day geological excursion to Iceland, in a group of 9. We visited many of the most interesting locations. Exciting scenery from glaciers to volcanoes. Very well organised and an excellent leader. Good accommodation. I have no reservations in recommending it to anyone with an interest in geology."

Peter D., Lancashire, UK
Review was posted to TripadvisorSeptember 2021


"This tour is fabulous! Breakups and collisions of continents, rifting and mountain building, meteorites falling from space, minerals, mines, and diamonds, Snowball Earth, glaciation, tropical climate and dinosaur tracks, and finally the unexpected climate of the least populated, and most arid African country. What's not to love?! 4 memory cards of photos later, I truly felt awed by the diversity of life in this slice of the African coast. Our guide's knowledge of Namibia is exceedingly excellent and she competently attended to her guests. GeoWorld Travel arranged everything and left nothing to surprise, including the difficulty navigating the Covid climate between countries. This was my second GeoWorld Travel tour and I am hoping to travel with James again soon."

Marcia M., Virginia, USA
Review was posted to Tripadvisor, September 2021


"I went to the Scotland trip a few weeks ago. It was really fabulous. It was like traveling back in time 3 billion years ago until now. James guided us through so many landscapes and places. I've learned so much. It was my first trip with GeoWorld Travel, and certainly will not be my last :-)"

Sophie G., Oxfordshire, UK
Review was posted to GoogleOctober 2021


"There were eight of us on this tour from four different English-speaking countries. Luckily we completed the tour and all of us got home just before the Coronavirus pandemic shut down tourist travel worldwide. James led us to one world-class geosite after another and presented them in a way that we could all understand and appreciate. James’ explanations of the sites that we visited left us all well-informed and he was very patient in explaining basic geological concepts to those in the group that didn’t have a background in geology. Geology aside, Oman is a beautiful and amazing country and this tour took us through remote places that the average tourist just isn’t going to see. Travel was in comfortable Toyota 4WD Land Cruisers. James drove one and a local Omani drove the other one. Our Omani driver Nasser was a pleasant man who spoke English well and was glad to tell us as much about Oman as we wanted to know. We stopped at six or seven geosites every day and had a nice leisurely picnic lunch in the shade I never felt like we were being rushed. The drives between stops weren’t too long and I never got tired of the mountain and desert scenery. Accommodations ranged from a five-star beach resort to tents at a Bedouin desert camp – which was by far my favorite overnight stop. My only regret is that I didn’t plan an extra day or two to spend in Muscat after the tour. James has a special thing going with GeoWorld Travel and I hope that this Coronavirus pandemic runs its course before much longer so that he can continue to offer us these unique tours."

Joseph M., Utah, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisorJanuary 2020

The Canary Islands - Volcanic Island Hopping (2019)

"Our trip to the Canary Islands with GeoWorld (and James Cresswell as the guide) was excellent. Since we arrived few days earlier, James picked us up (my wife and i) straight from our hotel where we met part of the tour members (7 in total). Prior to boarding the ferry to La Palma, we had the time to go to the Amarilla scoria cone where we walked for an hour and took some amazing pictures. All sites visited during this 9 day guided tour were very good to Excellent; from Amarilla scoria cone, Teide on Tenerife, Los Organos columnar jointing on La Gomera, Roques de Garcia on Tenerife and Viento lava tube and many more. The "Ruta de los Volcanes walk" on La Palma was also excellent and provided us the opportunity to go through different ecosystems as we climbed up in altitude. The hotels that were selected were excellent. We particularly loved "Parador de La Gomera" which is a colonial style hotel in a garden setting perched on top of a hill. James is an excellent and knowledgeable guide/geologist and will make sure you/the group is happy with all aspects of the tour."

Jacques L., Doha, Qatar
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, January 2020
A GeoWorld Travel group on La Palma, Canary Islands
Our group on La Palma, Canary Islands 2019


"We had a wonderful time, with a pleasant and compatible group, several of whom were very knowledgeable in various areas of geology and paleontology. The weather was absolutely perfect the entire time. I would recommend the trip to anyone with an interest in the fossils of Morocco."

Tom B, Georgia, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, January 2020


"With a small group and 3 4x4s, James Cresswell took us on an intense trip exploring the varied geology and paleontology of Morocco, from the flood basalt of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province to the famed Paleozoic fossil beds. I especially was at home rummaging around the Ordovician and Devonian exposures having grown up collecting from the Silica Shale and the Thedford/Arkona strata. I enjoyed seeing forms that I am familiar with, but especially enjoyed seeing a preserved, spiral, brachidium in a specimen of a spirifer cast that another trip member found.
But then, a big plus was being familiar with the trilobites from Black Cat Mountain, Oklahoma, and seeing the similar Devonian strata in Morocco and how similar many of the trilobites are between the localities. But, knowing the trilobite prices here in the US I was amazed at the affordability of decently prepped pieces when we stopped at Brahim Trilobite in Alnif. That was the icing on the cake for me.
James was an energetic and knowledgeable leader and this trip seemed chock full of interesting, inquisitive, and intelligent participants."

Gerald W., Michigan, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, December 2019


"With 10 other participants, I joined GWT's trip to southern Morocco. It was intellectually stimulating beyond belief -- and a huge amount of fun! I really appreciated James' insightful guidance and teaching about each of our destinations. He was always extremely patient in answering my "advanced-beginner" level of questions. An unexpected bonus was that the other members of the group also shared their own knowledge and skills, very generously! This collaboration and support helped me identify the fossils I happened to find and also gain a deeper understanding of the geological formations around us. The three local guides/drivers were an important part of the team, sharing their personal experiences and knowledge of their beautiful country. Honestly, it was the trip of a lifetime. It will take me months for me to properly process what I learned and saw. I plan to travel with GWT again!"

Peggy W., New York, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, December 2019


"Morocco trip was fantastic, saw amazing things found some great fossils and minerals. Excellent sites visited and brilliant drivers. Would certainly have no hesitation in recommending this trip."

Clare H., Sheffield, UK
Review was posted to Google, December 2019
A GeoWorld Travel group at the Messel Pit, Germany
Our group at the Messel Pit, Germany 2019


"We have taken two trips with James now -- Morocco and Germany, both trips focusing on fossils. First, let me say that James is a wonderful trip leader. He is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, patient, capable and adaptable guide, and genuinely loves his work. Morocco was the first trip we took with him, and one of the best trips we've ever taken -- what a thrill to see the fossil sites we'd only heard of from our buying trips to Tucson! We had such a great time with the many, many opportunities for fossil hunting, where we collected far too many fossils. The lodgings and meals were satisfying and just exotic enough to be another interesting part of the trip. The Germany trip was the first run, and we had another amazing experience, one I'm still thinking about daily! We started with volcanoes and meteors and the impact they had on the landscape of Germany -- who knew? We visited the most famous fossil sites in Germany and saw the original fossils in museums. We had some fossil digs where everyone came back with something, so much fun! We saw caves where some of the most ancient known artifacts were found, then saw the artifacts. We ended at the Munich gem, mineral and fossil show, the biggest in Europe.
I cannot recommend James or his trips highly enough! I hope we can join him for more adventures in the future!"

Sue C., Maine, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2019


"Group (ideal size) of 8 people visiting several active Volcanoes with James Cresswell, (Geologist) and Abby (Archaeologist). Very well organised, before and during trip.
Excellent, enjoyable and informative for knowledgeable people as well as 'beginners'.(me). Loved it!! Looking down into Vesuvius to watching Stromboli burst out fiery explosions every few minutes.And learning something new all the time from James who could answer anything Geological! We were looked after very well all the way, so thank you James and Abby"

Janet F., Surrey, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2019


"The trip was excellent, and James was very knowledgeable about the various volcanoes we visited. I would recommend this trip for anyone interested in volcanoes."

Linda M., Washington, USA
Review was submitted by email, November 2019


"This was an absolutely incredible trip. Meticulously organised and researched by Abby and James Cresswell ,it did not fail to please. Having little experience of geology and just a basic feel for fossils, our rudimentary knowledge was considerably expanded. There was plenty of opportunity to question James. The trips between locations were admirably managed to permit one to one time with James as we all changed seats in the comfortable transport regularly to permit this. The small group allowed for plenty of interaction and we had friendly humorous travelling companions from the USA. We were able to dine together on several occasions sharing ideas and engaging in much discussion of fossils, stones, politics.It was an enlightening time for all and the aim is a reunion in Tuscon one day!
The German people we encountered were unfailingly polite and helpful. We were delighted to meet owners of museums and listen to their stories. The guides whom James engaged were so enthusiastic about their subject. Chance meetings of researchers at sites occurred too further enhancing the thrill of the journey around Germany. People were happy to open their museums specifically to accommodate the small group which was certainly a privilege. These times were negotiated by James and were much appreciated by the group.
We were totally 'blown away' at the chance to see the Messel pit and all that followed. Seeking ones own fossil finds in quarries was amazing and further brought home how difficult the work around locating and preserving fossils is. The private collections in local museums were enchanting. There is no way we would have seen so much were it not for James' hard work in locating places of interest-caves . ( underground and overground), caldera, quarries, maars , sites of meteor impacts, scoria sites, museums, the Munich rock and gem show. Ancient sculpture and musical instruments were memorable.The number of exquisite items for sale at the rock and gem show made for a splendid conclusion to a truly magical trip.
Travelling as a small group is a truly rewarding experience and we all learned a lot about each other and life in different countries. As a consequence there was not a dull moment. Collectively we managed to read food menus and navigate as there were all least two technologically minded people in the group. Just aim to relax around others and fully enjoy the number of days you are together."

Roger B., Cardiff, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, October 2019


"Following my participation on the 2019 Scottish Birth of Geology tour, I am now reading geological books and poring over geological maps. This nine day tour of Scotland left me intrigued to learn more. I am a working geologist in the US, and this GeoWorld tour rekindled my fascination with my field. I am a student once again. James and Abbey organized and ran a marvelous trip for the 10 of us. James is a remarkably well rounded geologist. He is able to focus our view of the landscape and convey the scientific significance of our observations.
I cannot get the vision of dramatic Suilven out of my head. This Precambrian sandstone monolith rests uncomformably atop 3 billion year old Lewisian Gneiss and marks the edge of the thrust belt marking crustal collisions. 
Thank you for bringing us to so many marvelous places and for firing up my fascination with our earth!"

Kenneth T., Oregon, USA
Review was posted to Facebook, August 2019
A photo of GeoWorld Travel group in the North West Highlands Geopark, Scotland
Our group in the North West Highlands Geopark, Scotland 2019


"James and Abby were a delight to spend a week with; they even made the rainy Scottish weather enjoyable. As a teacher of high school geology I know just enough to realize that learning the story of this incredibly complex land is a daunting task in a week, but James accomplished this by always making sure we had the "big picture" firmly in place before we delved into details. He can reach across the breadth of the spectrum to make sure everyone in the group is learning things that are accessible to them. We were also incredibly lucky to have Abby (she and James are married) along on our tour and her command of Scotland's history only added to my appreciation for the places that we visited; she added depth and a historical context to where we were that I found exceptionally helpful. This trip was just the right length of time and I received an exceptional value returned in knowledge for what I invested in the trip; I hope to join James again on a future trip!!"

Rob G., Colarado, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, July 2019


"I joined the tour going through southwest England because of my novice interest in fossils and the Lyme Regis area. Boy did I learn a lot! Our guide James geared trip locations and background information to fit into our existing framework of knowledge and physical capabilities. Exciting moments; climbing Haytor partway in blustery weather, hiking down into coves where the ocean swash rumbled the cobble shore, seeing ancient sites of rock lined avenues, following sauropod tracks across a quarry, experiencing life of a tin miner going to work, and touching rocks that were part of the Earth's mantle before being pushed up and over a continental plate. Because it is such a small group, we didn't experience lost time in gathering folks, and we were easily able to ask James questions, including "why are the roads so narrow", and "how often do you see hedgehogs?" What I will always remember is the absolutely beautiful land of southwest England, and the graciousness of all the people we met. James and Abby were extremely helpful in arranging my early departure to catch a boat; they were a pleasure to work with. I hope to join GeoWorld Travel for my trip to Iceland in 2020, since this year's is full. Don't delay, sign up early."

Margaret R., Texas, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, May 2019


"This trip was a great pleasure to go on! James is a fun and knowledgeable guide, providing not only an interesting geological perspective, but a lot of local flavor as well. Geology is combined with stunning scenery, as well as a variety of activities such as fossiling, visiting caves, museums, and neolithic sites. We visited charming coastal towns, staying in some lovely bed and breakfasts. We enjoyed eating in the local pubs and tea rooms as well. This was our first trip to the UK. We found it to be a unique and personalized experience and a great value for the price."

Nancy C., Virginia, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, May 2019
A GeoWorld Travel group on the Tropic of Capricorn, Namibia
Our group on the Tropic of Capricorn, Namibia 2019


"I recently took the Namibian tour. It was very good. James found the best person on earth to conduct this tour: geologist Nicole Grünert, a resident of Namibia for over 25 years and the author of two popular books about Namibian geology. Namibia is full of world-class geosites and we visited a lot of them. Nicole is a living encyclopedia of Namibian geological knowledge and presented it in a way that the layman could understand and the professional geologist would appreciate. As we traveled through the amazing Namibian landscape between geosites, Nicole kept us informed about the country’s flora and fauna, history and culture. In addition to all of the geology, there were visits to ancient rock art sites, opportunities for wildlife viewing and more."

Joseph M., Utah, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, April 2019

NAMIBIA (2019), ICELAND (2018) AND MOROCCO (2016)

"I highly recommend GeoWorld Travel for anyone interested in geology.  They are based in Wales and owned by James Cresswell, a very experienced and widely traveled geologist.  The tours are small (4-8 people), personable and comprehensive but at a comfortable pace. Food and accommodations are reasonable I have been on 3 trips and look forward to more. The cost is one of the best values for the money."

Earl K., California, USA
Review was posted to us via email, April 2019


"I was impressed by the trip, including the overall standard of the travel and accommodation. As ever, I enjoyed your company and will be viewing your website for future options."

Dennis C., Essex, UK
Review sent to us by email, March 2019


"Thanks for the well-organised, informative, and very enjoyable tour around the geological highlights of Oman."

Nigel B., Birmingham, UK
Review sent to us by email, February 2019
A GeoWorld Travel group at the 'Mother of all outcrops', Oman
Our group at the 'Mother of all outcrops', Oman 2019


"This tour is a thrilling ride through the expanse of geologic time. The cataclysmic processes of Earth are exposed in the rocks of the Anti-Atlas region of Morocco in dramatic form. The area is rich in fossils and minerals, and James Cresswell's knowledge of that geology and the local mines made the experience wholly satisfying for the perpetual student within me. The cost of the trip is an excellent value, and the friendships forged with the newly met travel companions, a small group of 12, will extend beyond the desert."

Marcia M., Virginia, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, December 2018


"We highly recommend Geoworld Travel. Scotland geology tour was outstanding with just the right number of stops and side trips featured every day. Upbeat, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, James was the perfect guide, happy to talk geology, history, everything really. Lodging arrangements were flawless."

James C., Oregon, USA
Review was posted to Google, December 2018
A GeoWorld Travel group in Pompeii, Italy
Our group in Pompeii,  Italy 2018


"A great week led by James visiting Vesuvius, Herculaneum, Pompeii, Stromboli, Etna and more. Good size group of 7 with a variety of knowledge.  Amazing to see Stromboli erupting even if I took the option of viewing from a boat rather than the walk up - next time, eh James?! Etna took my breath away - what power - not to speak of the most amazing sight of inside Vesuvius' most recent cone. James never tired of all my questions - and I had a lot. It was so good to have his knowledge and experience on hand. Thank you also to Abby of GeoWorld who explained the history of Herculaneum and Pompeii. I would recommend GeoWorld to anyone who would like to find out more - check out their trips. Thank you!!"

Hilary N., Gloucestershire, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, December 2018


"I went on the USA trip 2018. It was fantastic. The itinerary was excellent, every day was full of interesting areas to explore. It was quite a fast paced trip but so worthwhile- I saw places I had wanted to go for a long time and equally amazing places that I didn’t even know about. Geologist James Cresswell did a really good job as tour leader. He organised us, took care of us and answered all of our (sometimes daft) questions. It was great fun travelling with a group of people who were all interested in the geology of the area- we learned a lot from each other as well as from James. Highly recommended."

Andrea B., Cheshire, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2018


"Geologist James Cresswell's depth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and careful planning made his Yellowstone, Dinosaurs, and Grand Canyon trip one of my favorites of all time. His focus on leading small groups made this trip personal and instructive and at the end, we all felt a kinship and appreciation for our shared experience."

Barbara G., California, USA
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2018
A GeoWorld Travel group in Arches National Park, USA
Our group in Arches National Park, USA 2018


"We had a wonderful day exploring geological sites in the national park with James. We learnt a lot about the landscape, how rocks form and change over time and how some rocks have been exploited and used for our benefit. All was well planned and paced, so that we had plenty of time to see, to enjoy, and to ask all our questions. There were lots of stories which brought things to life and put it in context. Also a delicious picnic! Thank you."

Marion J., Oxfordshire, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, August 2018


"We had an absolutely wonderful time on 'The birth of Geology tour' of Scotland. The trip exceeded our expectations. When we returned home, I found myself telling friends how around every bend in the road we were greeted by a 'million dollar view'. The striking combination of white sand beaches and steep cliffs at Clactoll and Sango Bay, the desolate and beautiful Rhiconich, sparkling waters surrounding the towering Red and Black Cuillins, I could go on and on. Our trip was enjoyable due, in no small part, to the small number of people (6) in the group. We all got along and had many great discussions. It was a personal and authentic experience that did not feel rushed. Our tour guide James was easygoing and flexible often letting us vote on what we would like to do (supper, length of time at a stop).
The tour is best summed up by the bittersweet feelings I had on the last day - I found myself feeling so sad this tour was ending but I couldn't stop smiling thinking of all the great memories made. We owe a very big thank you to James - our charismatic and knowledgeable tour guide. Best of luck in the future growing your business!"

Patrick M., Labrador, Canada
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, June 2018
A GeoWorld Travel group at Siccar Point, Scotland
Our group at Siccar Point, Scotland 2018


"We went on Scotland geo trip, and James took us around Scotland’s most significant geo sites. Tour was great. James took care of little details and engaged our entire group in geology, and casual conversations, throughout the trip. I admire his stamina! He also brought along reference materials for us to read up should we like to learn more. Excellent tour!"

Kingston T., Hong Kong, China
Review was posted to Google, May 2018


"A great trip. The amazing landscapes were brought to life by James's explanations. Climbing Stromboli at dusk to see the eruptions was the highlight of the trip, but every day was great. James was always cheerful and good company."

Alan M., Stirlingshire, UK
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, November 2017


"Hi James. Barbara and I wish you at great new year. We want to thank you for a most interesting trip this spring to the English South coast. Interesting sites, good company and a lot of geology. Even the weather was nice! Best wishes"

Torsten H., Sønderborg, Denmark 
Review was posted to Facebook, December 2017


"James did an amazing job on our Iceland trip. He is excellent at explaining all the geologic formations we went to. He also seems genuinely concerned about everyone's welfare during the entire trip."

Claudia D., Wyoming, USA
Review was posted to Facebook, October 2017
A GeoWorld Travel  group at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland
Our group at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland 2017


"We got a good tour of the South West in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and tried our luck as fossil hunters in Lyme Regis. James is a jovial and knowledgeable guide and he selects each destination for its geological relevance- which usually coincides with beautiful and unique landscapes. With just 4 of us on the tour, we got to have some interesting conversations and get to know each other. We found ourselves very tired at the end of each day, having seen several interesting places. Most of the places we visited were outdoors and we counted ourselves lucky that it didn't rain for the entire week of the tour. 
Recommended for anyone who hasn't seen the South West or who has once wondered why landscapes look the way they do. If you have a particular interest in geology and/or fossils, this trip is made for you. Bring good shoes and prepare for the English weather!"

Barbara H., Alpes-Maritimes, France
Review was posted to TripAdvisor, April 2017


"This was an outstanding tour. Two months later I still keep thinking of the trip into the Sahara with fossils at every stop. The value for money, accommodation and food were all excellent. The other guests ranging from top academics to the village idiot (me) were all most sympathetic and supportive. Everything was explained to me in the simplest terms. Now I just love Stromatolites, Trilobites and Ammonites.  Little touches like the drivers choice of wonderful West African music and the comfort of the two Land Cruisers really helped make the trip memorable. The Moroccan landscape is superb and the Berber people most welcoming. If you see the latest Mission impossible and/or James Bond movies you will get a taste of the brilliant Moroccan Sahara. 
Highly recommended."

Richard G., Isle of Lewis, UK
Review submitted via email, December 2015
A GeoWorld Travel group in Morocco
Our group in Morocco 2015


"A brilliant trip with fascinating fossil sites amid stunning Moroccan scenery. Transport organised with two impressive local drivers who also loved the off-road aspects; comfortable hotels at each stop with real treats at the furthest flung; meals all included from hotel breakfasts and dinners to tree-shaded picnics in the fantastic middle of nowhere; geological knowledge and guidance from our tour leader, and most other group members too; and a lovely group of fellow enthusiasts, all finding fossils galore. An excellent trip James! "

Hilary S., Sussex, UK
Review submitted via email, November 2015


"Went to Spitsbergen from August 24-31 2014 with James and others on the Ortelius. This was a wonderful experience including great wildlife spotting, breaking through pack-ice, and cruises and landings exploring fascinating geographical and geological features. James's explanations were clear and engaging. Looking forward to Morocco as our next trip."

Edward S., Glasgow, UK
Review submitted via email, September 2014


"A superb trip - the sort I would have designed for myself except I'd not have had the local knowledge or contacts to make it a reality. Comfortable accommodation, a great guide (James) and a friendly and expert driver (Yusef) who both put themselves out for us. We visited some wonderful locations, from an Atlas salt mine to pre-cambrian stromatolites, trilobite beds and desert dune fields. "

Colin W., Oxfordshire, UK
Review submitted via email, January 2014

Wales Day Tour - U3A Field Trip (2013)

"I have been a part of the Hay on Wye U3A geology group and can honestly say that I have enjoyed every excursion. We visited a variety of sites with James who was an excellent guide and I look forward to more."

Keith H., Herefordshire, UK
Review submitted via email, October 2013
A  photo of a GeoWorld Travel U3A group with dinosaur tracks, Wales
A GeoWorld Travel U3A group with dinosaur tracks, Wales 2013


"James has led geology walks for us for the Hay Walking Festival over the past 3 years, and also during the Hay Literary Festival in May 2013. His walks have received very positive feedback from participants, who all come away feeling they have both learnt a great deal about the geology of the area as well as having very good exercise!" 

Alison O., Herefordshire, UK
Review submitted via email, October 2013


"James led a group of 10-15 members of the Hay U3A, for 5 field trips during the summer of 2013. We were all fairly new to geology. He devised a programme of field trips that helped us understand the geology of our surrounding landscapes, taking us to various sites that were packed with interest, from dinosaur prints, to walking behind waterfalls, and included lots of information on social history and industrial archaeology along the way. He was meticulous in the planning and organisation, and tailor made the days to suit our capabilities. We are all fired with enthusiasm for more geology field trips in 2014. Thank you James!"

Lorraine W., Brecknockshire, UK
Review submitted via email, October 2013


"Being widely travelled, James is able to bring his knowledge of and passion for far-flung places to bear on the locality he is visiting. A walk exploring the legacy of the ice age in the Brecon Beacons comes to life as he makes the connections with modern day polar regions. The geologist’s mantra is ‘the present is the key to the past’ – what better way to get to know our own past glaciers than in the company of someone who is intimately acquainted with the present-day ones?"

Alan B., Fforest Fawr Geopark Officer, Wales, UK
Review submitted via email, October 2013
Our group at Llanfair PG, Wales 2013


"Our holiday was a fantastic tour-de-force through the geology, scenery, history and culture of Wales visiting 2 Geoparks, 3 National Parks and 2 World Heritage Sites - all in one week!"

Allen F., Shetland, UK
Review submitted via email, May 2013


"A Tour of Wales in May 2013, with resident geoscientist James Cresswell, in our opinion rated 5 stars in all categories! It was a well-chosen blend of geology, history, culture, and scenery impossibly packed into seven days. Travel for our small group was by car on sealed roads and entirely satisfactory; accommodation was usually in mid-range hotels but included a superb B&B in Brecon Beacons National Park (Tara, Felindre). We could not have had a better leader: warm, cheerful, knowledgeable, attentive to our every wants and needs. Thank you, James! The range of geologic sights was amazing; surely something for everyone. Paleontology was the lead-off subject. On arrival evening we were picking up ammonites on the beach near our hotel, and the next day following a Mesozoic dinosaur trackway; in subsequent days searching out graptolites and trilobites (Wales hosts the Type Sections for the Cambrian, Ordovician, and Silurian ). A focus on economic geology? Visits to once world-famous but now mostly inactive coal, slate, gold, lead-silver mines and related industrial facilities (in the 19th C. Wales was unsurpassed in coal production). Structural geology and tectonics? Multi-stage structures splendidly exposed in sea cliffs; extraordinary coastal displays of melange; glauconite-rich blue schists from deep in the crust or upper mantle; pillow basalts; silicic ash-flow tuffs; and more. It was amazing to contemplate that we could walk terraine once ripped from what is now Newfoundland during the sundering of Gondwana! Interspersed with all this geological variety are relics of human activity dating from earliest times on: dimension stone destined for Stonehenge; steles; ancient crypts; even a rare "crannog" ; walls, forts, castles, priories, etc., testimony to vicissitudes of Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman preeminence and strife. We found it impossible to absorb and digest everything on our plate on this all-too-brief tour but we expect it to provide sustenance for years to come! Hats off to GeoWorld!"

Dick B., California, USA
Review submitted via email, July 2013


"Having an 8-day trip through Morocco is basically impossible. However, GeoWorld managed it anyway! In a fast run we've seen 14 fossil rich sites, with a knowledgeable guide and a perfect driver. Enough room for sightseeing, especially the very impressive landscapes. If you have the opportunity, take the 10-day tour. It will make your trip a bit more relaxing. I would. The four of us have enjoyed this trip a lot. Absolutely worth every penny!!"

Mike vA., Utrecht, The Netherlands
Review submitted via email, May 2013