The following trips feature dinosaurs:


 Jurassic Coast and the Complete Geological Timescale We visit a Jurassic sauropod dinosaur trackway on the Jurassic Coast, the best Triassic dinosaur track-way in Europe in Wales, and the discovery site of the Welsh Dinosaur.


The trilobite's Sahara Kingdom - We visit the Cretaceous Kem Kem beds and have the opportunity to find our own dinosaur teeth and fragments of bone.

South Africa

Gold, Diamonds and Mammal-like Reptiles - We visit a dinosaur trackway in Golden Gate Heights National Park.


Yellowstone, Dinosaurs and Grand Canyon - We visit: the Carnegie Quarry at Dinosaur National Monument, Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite and Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail near Moab and  the Tuba City Dinosaur Trackway.


Day Trips - There is a Welsh Dinosaur day trip.

Carnegie Quarry, Dinosaur National Monument - USA
James Cresswell with Carcharodontosaurus teeth in the Kem Kem - Morocco