Glaciers and Icebergs

Glaciers feature in the follow trips and destinations:


Multiple trips - Antarctica is the most heavily glaciated place in the world. Glaciers and icebergs are seen on all these trips


Spitsbergen and NE Greenland - Glaciers are seen in both Spitsbergen and Greenalnd as well as huge icebergs in Greenland.

Sailing Ship Trips in Greenland - many glaciers and icebergs are seen on these trips too.


A Vulcanologist's Dream - Iceland is the land of Fire and Ice. On the trip we visit several outlet glaciers of the Vatnajökull ice cap.

South Georgia 

Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica - South Georgia is a glaciated island with many glaciers to be seen.

Jokulsarlon Lagoon - Iceland

The Canada Glacier in the Dry Valleys - Ross Sea, Anatarctica