James Cresswell Founder of GeoWorld Travel
James Cresswell, Founder

GeoWorld Travel offers geology trips,  tours and holidays to the world's most interesting geosites. Most geotours are led by GeoWorld Travel's founder, James Cresswell, as small group road trips for between 4 and 20 participants. Many of our geology trips visit Geoparks, National Parks, and World Heritage Sites, and can be searched for by the geological features they visit. No prior geological knowledge is required on these geology tours, and they will appeal to everyone from beginners to experts alike. On a GeoWorld Travel geology holiday the landscape is explained in an accessible way and while the rocks, volcanoes, fossils and glaciers are the star attractions of the trips, there will also be stunning scenery accompanied by incredible wildlife and fascinating human stories. GeoWorld Travel additionally places people on polar expedition cruises through our PolarWorld Travel website.
“Geologising in a volcanic country is most delightful; besides the interest attached to itself, it leads you into most beautiful and retired spots."  Charles Darwin, 1876



Climate Change

GeoWorld Travel takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously, and offsets the carbon generated by our trips through our partner 'Carbon Footprint'.  - More info


The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 require travel companies to provide security for the monies that UK consumers pay for certain types and combinations of travel arrangements booked with them and for consumers’ repatriation in the event of their insolvency. We provide this protection for our package arrangements by way of a trust account administered by independent trustees, Serenity Travel Trusts https://serenitytrusts.co.uk/for-consumers/ All money that you pay to us for package travel arrangements must be paid into a separate and designated bank account over which Serenity are appointed as trustee and we can not access the funds until you have completed your travel. If you book arrangements other than a package, your monies will not be financially protected. Please ask us for further details.


*Trips that are nearly full or are already full are indicated below*

An Alpine Adventure
9 - 18 July 2024 *FULL*
June/July 2026 (dates TBC)
The Vulcanologist's Dream
3-11 September 2024 *FULL*
24 June - 2 July 2025 *FULL*
Southern Namibia
Diamonds, Canyons and Fossils
3 - 17 September 2024 *FULL*
2026 (dates TBC)
The Classic Volcanoes
1-9 October 2024 *FULL*
September/October 2026 (dates TBC)
 Trilobite's Sahara Kingdom
11 - 21 November 2024 *FULL*
10 - 20 November 2025 *11 spaces* 
Ocean Crust and Mountains of Mantle 
21 - 30 January 2025 *1 space*
South Africa
From Table Mountain to the City of Gold 
4 - 17 March 2025 *6 spaces*
Volcanoes & Famous Fossil Sites
3 - 11 April 2025 *FULL*
England & Wales
Jurassic Coast & the Complete Geologic Timescale 
28 April - 10 May 2025 *1 space*
April/May 2026 (dates TBC)
Northern Namibia
A Geological Safari
29 May - 11 June 2025 *12 spaces*
The Birth of Geology
29 May - 6 June 2025 *FULL*
Shetland Islands
A Tectonic Jigsaw
June 2025 (dates TBC)
Yellowstone, Dinosaurs & Grand Canyon
16 - 27 September 2025 *FULL*
The Roof of the World
October 2025 (dates TBC)
Canary Islands
Volcanic Island Hopping
8 - 16 December 2025 *11 spaces*
Spitsbergen & North-east Greenland
2026 (dates TBC)
Antarctic + Arctic
Multiple trips and departure dates - please contact us for details