Once every few years James Cresswell plans to take an exclusive GeoWorld Travel group onboard a passenger expedition cruise ship to Antarctica. If you are potentially interested in joining our group on board one of these expeditions, please contact us.
*Minimum GeoWorld Travel group size is 6*
Voyage length likely to be 10-14 days
Proposed dates: 2026 - dates TBC
Price £TBC

Antarctica is a land of ice - 99% of the continent is covered by ice up to three miles thick in places. It is the highest, driest, windiest and coldest continent on earth. Even though Antarctica is mostly covered by ice, there is also a lot of rock exposure, where igneous, sedimentary and volcanic rocks can all be found. In some key locations there are also fossils to be found. The most dramatic geological feature of the Antarctic Peninsula is undoubtedly the active volcano of Deception Island, which is one of only two places in the world where a ship can sail into the caldera of an active volcano.

A photograph of James Cresswell at the Snow Hill Emperor Penguin colony, Antarctica
James Cresswell at the Snow Hill Emperor Penguin colony, Antarctica

James Cresswell (Director of GeoWorld Travel) will lead the trip

James has guided on expedition cruise ships to Antarctica 38 times when he was previously employed as ship's geologist & expedition guide prior to setting up GeoWorld Travel. On this voyage he will not be working for the expedition cruise company, he will instead be working for you,  joining the ship as the group leader for an exclusive GeoWorld Travel group . The ship will have its own geological guide aboard, but James will provided the GeoWorld Travel group additional geological talks, discussions and guiding, and will be able to give you much greater attention than the ship's own guide who has many additional onboard responsibilities. James will use his experience of the region to select the most geologically interesting itinerary available.