PolarWorld travel

The polar regions are amongst the best geotourism destinations on the planet. The cold temperatures and glaciated landscapes leave the rocks beautifully exposed, so it is possible to see exactly what is going on. The glaciers, icebergs and sea ice are also amazing geological phenomena. This is all coupled with amazing wildlife and historic stories of exploration. 

Trips to the polar regions are via expedition cruise ship; these polar voyages are not run by GeoWorld Travel. Instead, we place people on these voyages through our expedition cruise consultancy website, PolarWorldTravel.com. The Polar World Travel website is embedded below, please click here if you would prefer to view it in a new tab. GeoWorld Travel's Director James Cresswell has ten years experience as a polar expedition guide, and has guided on all the voyages listed below. He can use his expert knowledge to place you on the voyage that is right for you.