Svalbard is the name of the whole archipelago and Spitsbergen is the name of the largest island. Svalbard has a fascinating geology spanning the last 1 billion years and is also the most accessible place in the Arctic. These trips are multi interest trips but will have a geologist on board to explain the geology in detail.

Trips to Svalbardare via Expedition Cruise ship and GeoWorld Travel passengers will share the ship with other passengers who booked with other companies. These trips are multi focus trips in a geologically wonderful area. Most trips have an on-board geologist who will give a geology and glaciology lectures. To gauge the geological content of each trip please refer to the hammer rating described below.

James Cresswell guiding in the Arctic

GeoWorld Travel's Director James Cresswell previously guided on all the Svalbard trips. Please make contact and James will be happy to advise which trip that would be right for you.

Geo Rating

Images from Svalbard